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Can require us to explore ALL of our human emotions, but 'the grass IS greener on the other side' of that exploration!

The depth of your pain will be surpassed by the depth of your Joy, Freedom, Peace, Success, Love and Beauty!

‚ÄčCome DANCE, PLAY and TRANSFORM your life!

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Authentic Movement:


To inspire a deeper Knowing, Loving and Becoming of your true Authentic Self .

For Groups & Individuals

Angie Dutton has been formally dancing since age 3. Dance has been a life-long affair that has truly evolved for her over time: dancing at her childhood studio, studying dance at TWU, founding a modern dance company and now centering her energies in therapeutic process dance. Her work includes guided Movement Meditation (Authentic Movement practices) and creating other conscious movement experiences for both individuals and groups. Angie also facilitates Simply Stretch in one on one sessions. Simply Stretch is a customized flexibility coaching specifically targeted to achieve a pain-free life!

With a background in dance and massage/bodywork, Angie has developed a fascination with the therapeutic effects of this type of dance and the Infinite Wisdom that the Body/Mind holds. For many years she has been mentored by Body/Mind Coach, Anne Olivier to learn as much about this connection between the physical body, emotional body and mind as possible. Through this mentorship, Angie has personally healed many aspects of her own life. Because of the massive impact that this work has had on her physical and spiritual experience, she has developed a passion for sharing this possibility for healing with others-- while she also enjoys the always unfolding journey of personal growth and healing. 

Angie has a degree in dance and psychology from Texas Woman's University. She has been blessed to study and perform with amazing dance artists from all over the planet, cultivating a eclectic style in her own choreography and performance style. In 1999, Angie co-founded 3/ A Modern Dance Company. For four years to follow she created a distinctive body of work with that company. These dance works included abundant partnering, raw physicality and honest emotion expressed through original movement, monologue, song and aerial dance. Angie is a proud member of the Barefoot Brigade, a coalition that promotes modern dance performance and education in North Texas and beyond. 

Currently, Angie performs under the company name Feel Good Dance and while she finds herself performing mostly as a solo artist these days, she does still get her thrills by setting work on other dancers. 

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