What To Expect From A Movement Expereince?

Feels Like Peace Authentic Movement experiences are embedded with spiritual practices such as gratitude, guided meditation, affirmative prayer and more. Angie's study of Universal Priciples and New Thought, Ancient Wisdom inspire her when she is designing new movement expereiences. She specifically enjoys the work of Ernest Holmes, Abraham-Hicks, Michael Beckwith, Wayne Dyer, John Randolph Price and Neale Donald Walsh and is also directed by the musings of Rumi and Emerson for inspiration. Music is also sometimes a guiding factor when creating new movement processes. Angie loves to use all kinds of music: from ambient sounds, to instrumental music, to live or recorded accompaniment from some of the most uplifting and profoundly affirming singer/songwriters of the New Thought Movement.

Individual sessions & group classes

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** Experience Greater Body/Mind Awareness for Heali​ng and transformation
** Increase Trust in Your Inner Voice

** Increase Your Sense of Authentic Self

** Increase Self Confidence 

**  Unleash Creative Inspiration


** Great Alternative To Traditional Exercise

*** Experience of Community


What is Authentic Movement?

Because of the experiential nature of the work and each unique movers experience, Authentic Movement tends to be difficult to define and describe. However, very simply put, it can be defined as an exploration of the unconscious through movement that allows for the freedom of expressing the unconscious without the confines of verbal language. Authentic Movement was largely developed by Mary Starks Whitehouse, Jane Adler and Joan Chodorow. The work was originally inspired by the study of Carl Jung and his concept of active imagination, coupled with a background in modern dance movement improvisation. 

What people are saying...

I love your class. It always leaves me feeling very peaceful and like I did a great thing for myself. 
Thank you!

I feel like I gained a great sense of trust in myself through my movement experiences with Angie. She encourages an environment of non-judgement of yourself and your movement and validates that all movement has purpose for us even if it feels silly or ridiculous and sometimes, for me, even icky. When I discussed this 'icky feeling' with her, she encouraged me to be with whatever feeling my movement brought up for me, just allow it to flow through me and listen. I have only taken enough classes to get me really interested, so am looking forward to the next class in my area, I'll be there. Thank you, Angie!

I have been coming to the movement meditation class for about a month and a half and I have found it to be just awesome! I didn't know what I was looking for and the first time I came I was kind of scared, but as I kept coming I just felt more and more free in my body and when I went back into the world, I wasn't stressed as much and I felt I was able to trust people more. I even felt physically taller and overall, better being myself. It has been just awesome!          


The movement processes that Angie facilitates have lead me through amazing self discovery. The guided movement meditations have allowed me to see myself differently and make solid changes in my life because my perceptions are all shifted. It has been a really great experience to do this work! Looking forward to the next time. I am so grateful!   


I believe that this movement meditation expereience has changed my life for the better! I feel like I am seeing things more positively and in a better light. I am more aware of myself and my body. It's fantastic! Affirmative Prayer in Motion was my favorite movement expereince! I don't think I have ever felt so in touch with myself before. Just with a few simple words to meditate on and move from we created this Affirmative Prayer dance. I now do it ever night before I go to bed! I love it! I feel like this experience has helped me greatly and opened up my eyes to so many great, new things!          


Movement For Evolving People

In a class or playshop, expect to experience both:

   ** 'Eyes-closed', internally focused guided movement meditations and other Authentic  Movement processes that include both roles of 'moving' and 'witnessing'


  **Joyous group movement that cultivates connection with other movers in community

Each of these processes take on new shapes d are uniquely inspired by each individual or group being worked with.

Feels Like Peace Movement Experiences are specifically designed to allow you to activate & further encourage deeper awareness of your bodies infinite wisdom through movement. This wisdom of the body/mind can be vital information for participants to heal their physical body and their life. Therefore, practicing Authentic Movement can be very cathartic and act as a catalyst for major transformation. Angie has personally healed many aspects of her own life through an intimate dialogue/ongoing relationship with her body/mind and has inspired her passion for sharing this possibility for greather wholeness and healing with people through her work.

Who is Authentic Movement appropriate for?

Anyone who has a desire to move their body freely and who is willing to participate in some level of self reflection, will enjoy working practicing Authentic Movement. Men and women, alike, are encouraged to participate. Depending upon maturity and desire, teens are also encouraged to participate.

What to wear? What to bring?

Wear comfortable clothing that will allow your body to move through its fullest ranges of motion. Make sure to bring water. A pen & journal are very helpful as well to make note of any insights, images, or other information that may occur to you as important to remember during the processes. It is also very important to bring an open mind and open heart. ​

Feels Like Peace

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Authentic  movement