selected examples of solo repertoire             


Music by David Darling
Text by Neale Donald Walsh, read by Ed Asner. Excerpt from Conversations with God: Five Natural Emotions.
Multi-Media, Structured Improvisation Created and Performed by Angie Dutton


Music written and sung by Oshunfemi Williams
Performed by Angie Dutton

From Rain to Shine
From Rain to Shine is a multi-media, structured improvisation that begins with a video and recorded spoken word that reflect a dark night of the soul and speak of abundant tears and a dark ominous haze that keeps us from seeing the true divinity within ourselves. That Truth which is always present, even in the dark times.  It is a quote by John Vance Cheney that acts as reminder and turns that whole piece around in tone: 'The soul would have no rainbow, had the eyes no tears.'  The second section of this piece is set to a waltzy song by New Thought singer/songwriter, Robin Hackett, entitled 'Flower in the Rain'. This leaves the dance ending in an uplifting, hopeful and inspirational tone.
This piece is approximately 7 minutes in duration.

I Believe
This work begins with a monologue set to movement and tells Angie's story of meeting someone who seems completely unlike herself in a parking lot one beautiful spring day. As different as they seem, she realizes quickly that they are having the exact same experience in that moment....LOVE and JOY in their hearts for this beautiful day!  This reminds her of the Truth that we are more alike than we are different and that ultimately love connects us all.   The monologue soon dissolves into her singing snippets of songs about love. Expect to hear love songs you 'know by heart' and expect to experience them in a different way...directed inward...ultimately seeking and rendering self love instead of 'looking for love in all the wrong places.'  'I Believe' finishes with Angie dancing to Ziggy Marley's 'Love Is My Religion'.  The piece is light in tone and typically summons giggles and joy from the audience.
This piece is approximately 7 minutes in duration.

Truth is a multi-media work that is set to a video backdrop and music from New Thought singer/songwriter, Michael Gott's 'Grace' cd. The piece looks at the small 't' truth vs. the unchanging, capital 'T' Truth that is our spiritual Truth.  Acknowledging that it is sometimes very important that we be willing to tell the small 't' truth about our lives in order to move past it, heal and ultimately to realize and experience the capital 'T" Truth of our spiritual nature. Hence, 'the truth will set us free'.   Through this structured improvisation, Angie explores her own experience of having varying degrees of willingness to tell the truth about things in her life and the freedom that she Knows when standing in the Spiritual Truth of who she really is.
This piece is approximately 5 minutes in duration.

Audience Reviews

I was really deeply moved by Angie's dance.  It wasn't just the dynamically rich movement, but the words of self reflection spoken in the video at the beginning had me feeling deeply from the very beginning. She has a very unique gift and I am so grateful I encountered it.

It was easy to see and feel that the composition I saw performed was straight from her heart. I was with her every step of the way, not taking my eyes away.  It reminded me I am not alone in my experience!  THANK YOU for doing what you love.

'The soul would have no rainbow, had the eyes no tears...this quote was in the dance I saw Angie do. She reminded me that while right now my tears are not of joy, they will be someday and I am now looking for my rainbow again! So grateful for the reminder, Angie! Thank you!

Thank you for sharing your gift with us!  Truly a delight for my soul!  I took an inward journey with you as you danced!  An awesome trip!

"When I saw Angie perform, I was so happy to see her there, just as she is, dancing with such grace, control, beauty, and form. I cried because sherepresented women like me-who have a physical body that is not the standard of beauty here in America. Angie reflected to me my own beauty, and I was so grateful to her for helping me see that beauty is truly God's shining love in all of us, no matter the size. I was transfixed throughout the entire performance. What a talent! What a performance! What magnificently bold, calm, striking, and beautiful energy!!!


​Observing Angie Dutton express her Authentic Movement is truly an observation of Peace in Action. There is a true sense of peace and harmony as her body agilely shifts and changes positions.  Being a woman of size, I get a greater sense of my possibilities as I observed Angie.  How graceful and flowing her arms and legs moved giving me the sense of what it's truly possible beyond my mental limitations.  She is truly an inspiration each time I have the opportunity to watch her do what she does, so eloquently. ~ Rev. Marsha


at your Spiritual Community, Festival, Art Gallery, Retreat, Workshop or other Special Occasion. 

Movement For Evolving People

Feels Like Peace

What's The Peaceful Point???

Angie's purpose as a New Thought Performance Artist is to share her gift while inviting audiences on a journey of self reflection through insightful, meaningful live performances based on New Thought-Ancient Wisdom principles and practices as well as experiences from her personal path. She is so honored to present her work at your special event! The intention with her work is to inspire and move people toward transformation with each dance witnessed.  Most performances are not choreographed, but using the practice of Authentic Movement and structured improvisation, are created live.   Before each performance, it is Angie's prayer that ;each movement, each moment and the entire message that it all conveys is exactly perfect for this audience to witness. Let me be moved for Good.'