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Simply Stretch:  Stretching for a Pain-free Life

Personalized, guided stretching for a pain-free life!  Stretching is an amazingly SIMPLE solution to common pains that people experience in their bodies. It's so simple and effective if you JUST know exactly where and how to target the right areas.  Unfortunately its not typically where we feel that pain that is creating that pain.  

Capal tunnel, sciatica, generalized back pain: low back, mid back and upper back, neck pain, rotator cuff pain, tendonitis of the achilles, elbow and so on...... A doctors approach to treating these common pain experiences is medication or surgery. TRUST ME! There are more simple solutions and it is my goal to be your guide to having a pain-free, mobile life you choose with natural and simple solutions. 

1 Session        $150

3 Sessions      $430

6 Sessions      $850

Each session is 75 minutes long and include personalized guided stretching, meditation techniques to facilitate greater muscle relaxation as well as self-massage techniques to compliment the stretching and make it even further effective. 

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